The Number 7 Experience

We beleive that getting a beauty treatment should be a relaxing, luxurious and individual experience ...

Our beauty salon is luxuriously decorated in soft white, dove grey and tranquil mauve tones, with contemporary black furniture and co-ordinating accessories.

The vaulted, beamed ceiling creates a sense of space and a feeling of serenity.

The large white crystal "Cinderella" chandalier adds perfect light and sparkle.  The extra large clock at the apex is lit with warm white lighting.

Lie back and relax on the reclining massage/beauty bed while you have your waxing, threading, eyebrow, eyelash & facial treatments

Guest waiting chair and you can catch up on the news on TV

Sit back and relax on the high seated velvet soft button back chair while you have your luxury pedicure, Mavex Calluspeeling treatment or gel/polish toes

This my manicure station. My Harrmony Gelish 18G LED light is both safer and quicker than regular UV lights.  The base coat cures in 5 sconds and each coat of gel polish cures in 20-30 seconds (depending on colour)

You will be offered a complimentary drink and cake of the day

This is the entrance to our beauty salon. 

Number 7 is beauty by appointment only.

Call or text us to book an appointment and enjoy the Number 7 experience.