Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage

Care of the body and relaxation of the mind through massage is an ancient art, proven over centuries for dispersing the cares and tensions of daily life. In recent times massage has become more scientific with different movements studied for their effects on vascular, lymphatic and muscular systems of the body.


A Swedish Body Massage is both relaxing and invigorating and has many health benefits:


  • stimulates the metabolism
  • increases blood supply and circulation
  • improves skin elasticity and texture
  • maintains muscle tone
  • increases mobility of joints
  • increases lymphatic flow
  • removes toxins and waste products
  • relaxes the mind


Your Massage Appointment


A short consultation will be carried out in order to discuss your general health, identify your needs, any contra-indications and your preference for massage oil or cream.


You will be left to undress privately, leaving only your underwear on. You will lie face up on the beauty couch, covered in a large towel plus a small towel to cover your chest area. A blanket will also be available should you require extra warmth.


You will be offered a silk covered lavender eye pillow which contours around your eyes and face for added relaxation.


The Swedish Body Massage is very discrete. Only one part of your body will be uncovered and massaged at any one time, starting with the legs, followed by the abdomen (if required), arms, neck and chest. The towels will be held up discretely so you can turn over in complete privacy for the massage on the back of your body, starting with the legs and finishing with a very relaxing back massage.


Following your massage you will be given a glass of water, be left in private to dress and given a massage after care leaflet.




A full body Swedish Massage will last 1 hour.


A back massage will last 30 minutes.


Please note that massage treatments are only available to female clients.