Luxurious Manual Tan

Luxurious Manual Tan

A manual tan is a luxurious, indulgent, relaxing treatment which uses soothing massage movements to apply a golden tan to your skin.

You can choose to wear a strapless bikini or underwear. You will be covered in a large towel, and like a massage, only one body part will be exposed and treated at any one time.

The treatment will begin with a facial cleanse followed by face exfolitation and body exfoliation using Passion Fruit Body Polish, which prepares your skin for the application of the tan.

The front of your body will be exfoliated first, followed by the back of your body. The body polish will be removed using warm towelling mitts.

Your tan will be applied to the back of your body, followed by the front of your body, using effleurage movements.  Your skin will be buffed with a soft mitt to ensure the best coverage and colour of your tan.

It is perfect for people who prefer a more luxurious and relaxing tanning experience.